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Track information Crimson roses (instrumental)
by Kurosaki Maon
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Crush 40 featuring Bently Jones - Open Your Heart (Crush 40 vs. Bentley Jones Remix) Track information The Best Of Sonic The Hedgehog - True Blue 4:59
Kawai Kenji - shinkou Track information Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni ~TV 1:35
Kanda Akemi & Nonaka Ai & Bandou Ai - Kyuushoku wo Kousatsu Suru ~Bandou Ai~ Track information Negima!? DJCD Vol.1 - CD2 8:10
Oasis - Falling Down (The Gibb Mix) Track information Falling Down 5:12
Asou Kahori - Koko ni Ite (Bokura ga Ita ver. Instrumental) Track information Omoi 4:13
Dir En Grey - Lie Buried With A Vengeance Track information The Marrow Of A Bone 2:43
LOREN & MASH - THANATOS-IF I CAN'T BE YOURS-"Nine Years After Mix" Track information Tamashii no Refrain / THANATOS-IF I CAN'T BE YOURS- 8:19
Eufonius; Eufonius - Megumeru -cuckool mix 2007- Track information TV Animation CLANNAD OP&ED Single - Megumeru / Dango Daikazoku 4:42
Miki Higashino - Shivers (Prison Escape) Track information Vandal Hearts ~Ancient Lost Civilization~ Original Game Soundtrack 1:13
Sahashi Toshihiko - Henshin 3 Track information The Cosmopolitan Prayers Complete Album 0:37

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