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Track information Friends Forever (Fickle remix)
by Puffy AmiYumi
from Splurge
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The Seatbelts - WHAT PLANET IS THIS. Track information Ask DNA Cowboy Bebop -Knockin' on heaven's door- 2:45
Sakakibara Yui - Switch On Track information Katayoku no Icarus 3:48
Mell - Fall in Love Track information I've Girls Compilation Album 2 - verge 5:07
KinKi Kids - Garasu no Shounen Track information 4:42
Hasegawa Tomoki - Secret Agent Track information Kujibiki Unbalance Original Sound Track 1:32
Maebara Keiichi (Hoshi Souichirou) and Ooishi Kuraudo (Chafuurin) - Keiichi Ooishi no Uwasa Jiken Bo ABC Track information Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Character CD 1 - Ryugu Rena x Maebara Keichi - Ooishi Kuraudo 5:35
Iwasaki Taku - apparition Track information Soul Eater Original Soundtrack 2 3:04
Togashi Misuzu & Gouda Aya - Baby! Baby! (Ver.3) Track information Maken-ki ED Collection 3:37
Shiraishi Ryoko - Taiyou no Kakera Track information Taiyou no Kakera 4:06
765PRO ALLSTARS - READY!! (M@STER VERSION) Track information READY!! 4:25

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